New Updates
New Monolith Series | Oct 17 2017
Introducing a new line in the Americana Collection, the Monolith luminaire series features an elegant, slim silhouette with a shallow profile that meets ADA requirements equaling or has less than a 4" depth. Each Monolith features a square bar aluminum frame in a variety of styles, one-piece translucent diffuser for soft and even illumination available in several color temperatures, anti-glare perforated aluminum panels, optional up and/or downlight for dramatic wall wash effects and electronic ballasts. Lamping includes T5, T5-HO and Biaxial fluorescent lamps and energy efficient LED. The housing is made out of a heavy-duty, fully gasketed construction for weather and vandal resistance whether indoors or outdoors. Its modular design makes it easy to install, relamp and interchange decorative components. You can even custom design your own combination of cage, perforated insert, and colors used to create your very own signature Monolith.

Americana Collection
Monolith Series

New Moonglow Series | Apr 06 2016
Housing consists of a injection molded ABS plastic housing with hinged lens frame and a opal polycarbonate diffuser. Available sizes are a Small 13¾" diameter x 5¼" depth and a Large 17" diamater x 5¼" depth. Universal 120/277 voltage driver in the housing sealed by temperature resistant non-aging neoprene black rubber or EPDM gasketing. Energy efficient LED lamping comes standard. Corrosion and weather resistant ivory white finish. U.L. Listed for Damp or Wet Locations.

Indoor Collection
Moonglow Series

New Gotham Series | Apr 06 2016
The new Gotham Series features an tapered square frame with an open bottom for wall-wash lighting effects. A rotatable beam angle allows for adjustment according to the application. Energy efficient LED comes standard with several color temperature options available to choose from. The oven baked polyester painted coat also comes in several colors to match your application and settings.

Dark-Sky Collection
Gotham Series

New GL Series | Jun 08 2015
The new GL Series features an extruded tapered housing with built-in cooling fins for superior heat management. Energy efficient LED comes standard with several color temperature options available to choose from. The low profile and low maintenance construction makes the GL suitable for numerous applications.

Vandal Bi-Pin Collection
GL Series

New Lawton Series | Jun 08 2015
The new Lawton Series features an extruded round tapered frame with an open bottom for soft wall-wash lighting effects. Energy efficient LED comes standard with several color temperature options available to choose from. The oven baked polyester painted coat also comes in several colors to match your application and settings.

Dark-Sky Collection
Lawton Series

New Berwyn Series | Jan 15 2014
The new Berwyn Series features a very shallow profile with a floating diffuser for soft interior lighting effects. A superb combination of classic styling and energy-efficient illumination. The housing pan available in various color painted finishes to complement the décor.

  Indoor Collection
Berwyn Series

New Binders Available | Jul 11 2012

CGF has recently compiled and assembled our product catalog into new binders. For those of you who'd like to receive a copy, you can put in a request through our contact form. Be sure to specifically mention your request for binders in the comment box as well as your other pertinent contact/shipping information.

We've also added a new Charts and Diagrams download section where you can download Emergency Battery Charts as well as other technical reference documents. See Charts/Diagrams Download.

Products Made in USA | Feb 11 2011
Please let it be known that all of our fixtures qualify under the Buy American Act. Some products qualify for Tier 1 (treaties), Tier 2 (NAFTA parts), Tier 3 (significant rework of imported housing assemblies), or have 51% or more of the cost of parts or labor supplied by us. For more information on the Buy American Act, please visit:

  North American Collection
City-Glass Series

  North American Collection
Wisconsin-Oval Series

  North American Collection
Wisconsin-Round Series

  Indoor Collection
New Orleans Series
Americana Collection
Atlanta Series

LED Integrated Products | Feb 11 2011
As the need for energy efficient lamping grows in the lighting industry, CGF Design has taken the steps towards realizing this goal by integrating LED technology into many of our currently existing products. If you have a project applicable for this, feel free to contact us for a quote or to better assist you in determining the right lighting solutions for you. Listed below are the latest models to have LED added as a lamping option:

  Dark-Sky Collection
Alameda Series
60 Watts LED

  Dark-Sky Collection
Antioch Series
15 or 30 Watts LED

  Dark-Sky Collection
Arlington Series
15 or 30 Watts LED

  Dark-Sky Collection
Aspen Series
15 or 30 Watts LED

  Dark-Sky Collection
Brea Series
15 Watts LED

  High Abuse Bi-Pin Collection
E74 Series
30 Watts LED

  High Abuse Mini-FL Collection
W2 Series
35 or 40 Watts LED

  High Abuse Collection
Zephyr LED Series
15 or 30 Watts LED

New Website Redesign! | May 11 2009
Welcome to the newly redesigned CGF Design Inc. website! If you take a look around, you'll notice we've made some significant changes to improve the navigation menu as well as the overall layout to provide a more user-friendly experience.

On the homepage you can find an interactive slideshow powered by SmoothGallery© which showcases some of the high quality materials and parts that comprise of our products. 

The product catalog has been streamlined and the product profiles have all the necessary product specs which can be accessed in compact and intuitive expandable/collapsible information boxes.

In addition, you can now easily find information on your local rep agent through the Representatives Agent Map simply by clicking on the state of your choice.