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The Americana Collection

Standing at 54", the Goliath makes a powerful statement when seen on building facades, entrances, concourses, and atriums. Goliath is stylistically compatible with all models in the Americana Family. Each Goliath features a square bar aluminum frame in a variety of styles, one-piece translucent diffuser for soft and even illumination available in several colors, anti-glare perforated aluminum panels, optional up and/or downlight for dramatic wall wash effects and electronic ballasts. Lamping includes energy efficient T5, T5-HO and Biaxial fluorescent lamps. Standard depth 5-1/16" and a 4" ADA-compliant depth is also available. Goliath is made out of a heavy-duty, fully gasketed construction for weather and vandal resistance whether indoors or outdoors. Its modular design makes it easy to install, relamp and interchange decorative components. You can even custom design your own combination of cage, perforated insert, and colors used to create your very own signature Goliath.

Download: Goliath Spec-Sheet
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  Product Specifications:
Ballast: 120 or 277 Volt, extreme temp range -30°C to 90°C, HPF electronic ballast [EBX] for FL. Metal Halide: HPF QV/Pulse Start Magnetic Ballast is Standard; Optional Electronic Ballast [EBMH].

Backbox: 16 gauge aluminum. Wire access through .875" diameter knockouts on four sides and back. Water tight. Standard with emergency battery, H.I.D. and some fluorescent models. Optional for surface conduit entry.

Backplate: 16 gauge aluminum

Cage: Standardized 0.5" square aluminum extruded bars secured by hidden means to the frame. Standard configurations shown; custom spacing available. Optional [PF] perforated alum. Insert and/or shield [SSD].

Diffuser: Translucent white non-yellowing 100% virgin acrylic. Fully enclosed. Clear top and bottom [CLTB] is standard with uplight or/and downlight; Optional with other types of lamping. Optional opaque top, bottom or both [OTB]. Optional Open [OPTB] top and/or bottom - Indoor Only.

Gasketing: High temperature and non-aging neoprene rubber and/or black EPDM completely around the perimeter of the lens and around the rear wire entrance hole. Protects against dust, moisture and outside contamination.

Lens Fasteners: 2 Stainless steel tamperproof screws.

Mounting: Access hole in center for indoor mounting to a J-BOX. For indoor/outdoor use 1/4" Diameter bolts in 4 holes, 5/16" Diameter.

Painted Finish: Pre-treated highly durable oven baked polyester powder finish. Corrosion and Weather resistant.

U.L. Listed: Suitable for Wet Locations. Refer to Dimming Ballast Chart and Emergency Battery Chart.

S = 8" Width x 38" Height x 4" Depth (ADA)
L = 8" Width x 51" Height x 4" Depth (ADA)

HRD = Half-Round Diffuser
RE = Rectangular Diffuser
TI = Triangular Diffuser

*Note: Existing Americana Models can be used as additional cage/style options.

Style 1 =
Full Perforated Cage
Style 2 = No Cage or Perf
Style 3 = 6 Bar Cage (3 Horizontal Top / 3 Horizontal Bottom)
Style 4 = 6 Bar Cage (1 Horizontal Top / 4 Horizontal Center / 1 Horizontal Bottom)
Style 5 = 4 Bar Cage with Side Perf (1 Horizontal Top / 2 Vertical Center / 1 Horizontal Bottom)
Style 6 = 6 Bar Cage with Top/Bottom Perf (3 Horizontal Top / 3 Horizontal Bottom)
Style 7 = 4 Bar Cage with Center Perf (1 Horizontal Top / 2 Vertical Center / 1 Horizontal Bottom)
Style 8 = Custom Design Cage
Style 9 = 10 Bar Cage (2 Horizontal Top / 2 Horizontal Top-Center / 2 Horizontal Bottom-Center / 2 Horizontal Bottom / 2 Vertical Center)
Style 10 = 8 Bar Cage (2 Horizontal Top / 2 Horizontal Center / 2 Horizontal Bottom / 2 Vertical Center)
Style 11 = 4 Bar Cage (2 Horizontal Top / 2 Horizontal Bottom)
Style 12 = 5 Bar Cage (4 Horizontal Top / 1 Horizontal Bottom)
RD = Richmond - Full Shield

  Lamp Types:
BX = Biax Mini-Fluorescent
T5 = T5 Miniature Bi-Pin
T5HO = High Output T5 Miniature Bi-Pin
T8 = T8 Medium Bi-Pin  Fluorescent
MU/MD = Metal Halide Uplight or Downlight-PAR Lamp
LED = Light Emitting Diode
LU/LD = Light Emitting Diode Uplight or Downlight

  No. of Lamps/Wattages:
38" Lamp/Wattage
BX =
[2]24 Watt; [2]36 Watt
T5 = [1-2]21 Watt; [1-2]39 Watt
T8 = [1-2]25 Watt
MU/MD (Richmond Series) = [1]39 Watt PAR20
LED = 25 Watt
LU/LD (Richmond Series) = [1-2]30 Watt

51" Lamp/Wattage
BX =
 [2]36 Watt; [2]39 Watt; [2]40 Watt
T5 = [1-2]28 Watt; [1-2]54 Watt
T8 = [1-2]25 Watt; [1-2]32 Watt
MU/MD (Richmond Series) = [1]39 Watt PAR20
LED = 50 Watt
LU/LD (Richmond Series) = [1-2]30 Watt

  Color Temperature:
CT3 = +/-3000K LED/QL Color Temp
CT4 = +/-4000K LED/QL Color Temp
CT5 = +/-5000K LED/QL Color Temp

120 = 120 Volts
277 = 277 Volts
347 = 347 Volts
UNV = 120~277 Universal Volt

EBX = Electronic Ballast
2EBX = Two Electronic Ballasts

0-10D = 0-10V low-voltage LED Dimming
CA = Aluminum Backbox/Surface Conduit (2" deep)
CLTB = Clear Top & Bottom (Standard with MU/MUD)
CU = Custom Requirements
DIM = Dimming Ballast (*Refer to Dimming Ballast Chart)
EM = Emergency battery (CA required) Must Specify Voltage [120V or 277V]; *Refer to Emergency Battery Chart)
FUS = Fuse and Fuseholder
FUS2 = Double Fusing
H/L = Dual Circuit for High/Low Light Level for LED
LEC5* = LED Emergency Circuit [1] Five Watt
LEC10* = Emergency Circuit [2] Five Watt
*Must Specify Voltage for incoming EM Circuit [by others]
A = 12VDC; B = 120VAC; C = 24VDC; D = 277VAC

MD = Integral Motion Detector (Specify "A" for single circuit-all on, all off; "B" for dual circuit, half on half off)
OTB = Opaque Top & Bottom
OPTB = Open Top & Bottom (indoor only)
PF = Aluminum Perforated Decorative Insert
PHT1 = Integral Photocell 120V [CA required]
PHT7 = Integral Photocell 277V [CA required]
REM = Remote Emergency Battery
self-contained in CA – Must Specify Voltage [120V or 277V];
*Refer to Emergency Battery Chart
SSD = Solid Shield Insert
TPD = Tamperproof Screwdriver

  Painted Finishes:
BK = Black
BZ = Bronze
PA = Painted Aluminum
SV =
Silvadillo Gray
WHT = White
CC = Custom Color [Specify RAL#]