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The Americana Collection
RGBW Series

The Americana RGBW Series is an elegant, modern wall sconce suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. This fixture features a RGBW color tuning system powered by Wi-Fi enabled light engines which can be controlled via the WiZ iOS/Android app or cloud-based software.

Download: Americana RGBW ADA Spec-Sheet
CGF RGBW WiZ LED Luminaires
Product Specifications
Mounting: Wall Mount
Sizes: ADA Sizes
16: 16" Tall x 8.25" Width x 4" Depth
26: 26" Tall x 8.25" Width x 4" Depth
30: 30" Tall x 8.25" Width x 4" Depth
Housing: 16-Gauge Aluminum
Lens: White Translucent Acrylic Diffuser
Driver: 120/277V Electronic Driver
Wattage: RGBW Color Tuning LED Engines (Standard)
CCT: RGBW / 3500K
Finishes: Black / Bronze / Painted Aluminum / White