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Introducing the Seneca luminaire series featuring a streamline extruded profile that meets ADA requirements equal or less than a 4" depth. The Seneca comes available in 4 length options and three styles of band configurations to best complement the application. The housing is made out of a heavy-duty, fully gasketed construction for weather and vandal resistance whether indoors or outdoors. Energy efficient LED comes standard in multiple color temperatures to choose from. Its modular design makes it easy to install, relamp and interchange decorative components. Built to comply with U.S. and Canadian safety standards. 
Download: Seneca Spec-Sheet
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  Product Specifications:
Driver: Universal volt (120-277v) electronic. Optional Step Dimming Driver. EMERGENCY: Integral Emergency Battery (EM) / Remote Emergency Battery (REM).

Housing: Heavy gauge extruded aluminum with cast aluminum end caps with decorative bands. Includes knockouts for surface conduit and tandem mounting. Optional back box for emergency battery backup operation available.

Reflector: Formed aluminum with multiple bends for maximum rigidity and unitized with all electrical components.

Finish: All metal parts are 5 stage pre-treated and finished in white polyester powder coat. Natatorium Coating (NAT) optional.

Lens: .130” thick U.V. stabilized “Satinized” Polycarbonate Lens (SPL) is Standard with no LED Striations.

Lens Fasteners: Recessed Allen set screws to secure lens in place (2) each side (4) total.

Light Engine: Light Emitting Diode (LED). Optional protective coating (NAT).

Compliance: Built to comply with U.S. and Canadian Safety Standards. Suitable For Wet Location Covered Ceiling. Wall Mount — Damp Location (requires PSH option to maintain Wet Listing). ADA Complianat. IP65 Tested and Rated.

SN = Seneca

= 13" Length x 9" Width x 4" Depth (ADA Compliant)
= 25.5" Length x 9" Width x 4" Depth (ADA Compliant)
= 37" Length x 9" Width x 4" Depth (ADA Compliant) 
= 49" Length x 9" Width x 4" Depth (ADA Compliant)

B1 = Single Band / Window
B2 = Group of 2 Bands
B3 = Group of 3 Bands

  LED/Size Wattages:

Seneca Size 1 LED Wattages
15W / 20W / 25W / 30W

Seneca Size 2 LED Wattages
15W / 20W / 25W / 30W / 40W

Seneca Size 3 LED Wattages
15W / 20W / 25W / 30W / 40W / 50W / 60W

Seneca Size 4 LED Wattages
15W / 20W / 25W / 30W / 40W / 50W / 60W / 80W / 100W
*100W Requires Conduit Adapter Back Box Option (CA)

  Color Temperature:
CT3 = +/-3000K LED Color Temp
CT35 = +/-3500K LED Color Temp
CT4 = +/-4000K LED Color Temp
CT5 = +/-5000K LED Color Temp
CT65 = +/-6500K LED Color Temp

120 = 120 Volts
277 = 277 Volts
347 = 347 Volts
UNV = 120~277 Universal Volt Electronic Driver
2UNV = Two 120~277 Universal Volt Electronic Drivers

8DIM = LED Dimming: Forward Phase (TRIAC)
13DIM = LED Step Dimming
CA = Aluminum Backbox/Surface Conduit [2" deep]
FUS = Fuse and Fuseholder
DFUS = Double Fuse and Fuseholder
GN = Generator Transfer Device
H/L2 = High/Low Light Level for LED
-Wired for Dual AC Input Feeds
HOR = Horizontal Mount (Consult Factory)
MD = Integral Motion Detector (Single Circuit)
-Specify "A" for Steps: 0% - 100% - 0%
-Specify "B" for Steps: xx% - 100% - xx%
-xx% = LOW Level and/or STANDBY Dimmed Levels
Options: 50% / 30% / 20% / 10%
SU = 10KA Surge Protection for LED Fixtures
-Meets ANSI Spec C62.41.2

• Standard EM / REM Meets CEC/Title 20 Standards
• Cold Weather is Non-CEC Compliant
• Conduit Adapter Required for Fixtures over 50W
EM4W = Integral 4 Watt LED Emergency Battery
EM8W = Integral 8 Watt LED Emergency Battery
EM10W = Integral 10 Watt LED Emergency Battery
EM16W = Integral 16 Watt LED Emergency Battery
REM10W-CW = Remote 10 Watt LED - Cold Weather
-Operating Temp: -20°C to 50°C

  Painted Finishes:
BK = Black
BZ = Bronze
NAT = Natatorium Coating (Consult Factory)
WHT = White
CC = Custom Color [Specify RAL#]