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The Commercial Garage Collection


  • Seamless Die Cast Aluminum Frame 
  • Clear Tempered Glass Lens  
  • Ceiling Pole or Wall Mount 
  • Weather & Vandal Resistant Design
Download: Flint Series Spec-Sheet
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  Product Specifications:
Ballast: 120 or 277 Volt, extreme temp range -30°C to 90°C; HPF electronic ballast [EBX] for FL; [HPF] high power factor, [QV] quad volt for HID; [IND] HF induction generator for Induction ICE or QL.

Finish: Oven baked [BZ] bronze polyester powder coat.

Gasketing: High temperature and non-aging neoprene rubber and/or black EPDM concealed. Enclosed by cast in drip shield and wire entrance hole in rear, protecting against dust, moisture and outside contamination.

Housing: Seamless die cast aluminum.

Lamp: [MH] Metal Halide and [CMH] Philips CosmoPolis™ Ceramic Metal halide; [ICE] Osram® ICE and [QL] QL Induction; [LED] Light Emitting Diode.

Lens: Clear tempered glass secured in a hinged gasketed frame.

Lens Fasteners: 4 Stainless steel tamperproof screw to secure lens in place.

Mounting: [SWMBR] Adjustable Swivel Mount, fits over 2" pole or tenon with locking rotor plate from 90° to 180°. Enclosed and gasketed internal chamber. [FLBR] - 2 Piece; for wall, ground, roof or wood pole mounting. Allows vertical tilt to any angle.

UL/ULC Listed: Suitable for Wet Locations.

NOTE: *For Dimming and Emergency Options refer to Dimming Ballast Table and Emergency Battery Table.

FL = Flint Series

FL = 16" Square x 6½" Depth (6", 10", 12" ARM Length)

  Lamp Types:
MH = Metal Halide
CMH = CosmoPolis™ Metal Halide Ceramic Lamp by Philips [277V Standard]
ICE = Osram® ICE Induction
QL = QL Induction
LED = Light Emitting Diode

  Max No. of Lamps/Wattages:
MH = [1]70 Watt; [1]100 Watt; [1]150 Watt
CMH = [1]90 Watt; [1]140 Watt
ICE = [1]70 Watt; [1]100 Watt
QL = [1]85 Watt
LED = 60 Watt; 90 Watt

  Color Temperature:
CT3 = +/-3000K LED/QL Color Temp
CT4 = +/-4000K LED/QL Color Temp
CT5 = +/-5000K LED/QL Color Temp

120 = 120 Volts
277 = 277 Volts (Standard for CMH)
347 = 347 Volts
QV = Quad Volts (120/208/240/277) - MH Only
UNV = 120~277 Universal Volt - MH or LED (Must Specify Voltage for EM Option)

EBX = Electronic Ballast/Driver
EBMH = Electronic Ballast for Metal Halide
HPF = High Power Factor for Metal Halide
IND = Induction HF Generator

  Mounting Options:
APMBR = Adjustable Direct Mount Pole Arm, Bronze Finish, Angle Indicators & Hardware
FPMBR = Fixed Pole Mount Extension Arm: *Specify 6", 10" or 12"
FWMBR = Fixed Wall Mount Extension Arm: *Specify 6", 10" or 12"
SFMBR = Adjustable External Mount Slipfitter, Angle Indicators & Hardware
SWMBR = Swivel Mount Bracket

DIM = Dimming Ballast (*Refer to DIM Table for Options)
FUS = Fuse and Fuseholder
GN = Generator Transfer Device
H/L = Dual Circuit for High/Low Light Level for LED
LEC5* = LED Emergency Circuit [1] Five Watt
LEC10* =  Emergency Circuit [2] Five Watt
*Must Specify Voltage for incoming EM Circuit [by others]
A = 12VDC; B = 120VAC; C = 24VDC; D = 277VAC

MD = Motion Detector - Specify "A" for single circuit-all on, all off; "B" for dual circuit, half on half off
QRS = Quartz Restrike Relay (120V Only - DC Bayonet base socket for 70 Watt quartz - Lamp by Others)
SU = Surge Protection for LED Fixtures

  Painted Finishes:
BZ = Bronze (Standard)