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The High Abuse Bi-Pin Fluorescent Collection
E812-S | E814-S | E818-S
  • Wide Prismatic and Ribbed Lens Options 
  • Low Profile Vandal Resistant Design
  • Heavy Duty Steel and Polycarbonate Construction 
Download:  E812-S | E814-S | E818-S Series Spec-Sheet
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  Product Specifications:
Driver: Universal Voltage 120~277 Volt, extreme temp range -30°C to 90°C, electronic driver.

Finish: All metal parts are phosphate pre-treated and finished in oven baked polyester powder coat.

Housing: One-piece 5VA rated fiberglass for the most strength and rigidness.

Lamping: [LED] Light Emitting Diode.

Lens: Acrylic Ribbed Frosted Lens is Standard.

Lens Fasteners: Snap-in Stainless Steel Latches Standard [SLA]. Optional Clear Polycarbonate Latches for dry environment indoor fixtures [PCL].

Reflector: 20 gauge cold rolled steel die-formed with multiple bends for max rigidness and unitising all electrical components.

Compliance: Built according to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. Suitable for Wet Locations.

NOTE: *For Dimming and Emergency Options, please Consult Factory.

E812-S = 2 Feet Linear Shallow E812-S Series
E814-S = 4 Feet Linear Shallow E814-S Series
E818-S = 8 Feet Linear Shallow E818-S Series
-Two Tandem Joined E814-S Fixtures

E812-S = 2'-foot Length x 4"-inch Depth
E814-S = 4'-foot Length x 4"-inch Depth
E818-S = 8'-foot Length x 4"-inch Depth
-Two Tandem Joined E814-S Fixtures

  Max No. of Lamps/Wattages:
E812-S Series Lamps/Wattages
LED25 = 25 Watt LED

E814-S Series Lamps/Wattages
LED25 = 25 Watt LED
LED40 = 40 Watt LED
LED50 = 50 Watt LED
LED75 = 75 Watt LED

E818-S Series Lamps/Wattages
LED150 = 150 Watt - Two Tandem Joined E814-S Fixtures

  Color Temperature:
CT3 = +/-3000K LED Color Temp
CT35 = +/-3500K LED Color Temp
CT4 = +/-4000K LED Color Temp
CT5 = +/-5000K LED Color Temp

120 = 120 Volts
277 = 277 Volts
347 = 347 Volts
480 = 480 Volts
UNV = 120~277 Universal Volt Electronic Driver (Must Specify Voltage for EM/REM Option)
2UNV = Two 120~277 Universal Volt Electronic Driver (Must Specify Voltage for EM/REM Option)

WHT = White Finish Only

CA =
Conduit Adapter Back Box
– Mounted on Backside of Housing
– Compatible with E814-S / E818-S Only
– Required for Integral Emergency Battery Options
FUS = Fuse and Fuseholder
FUS2 = Double Fusing
GN = Generator Transfer Device
HUB1 = Myers Hub .5”
HUB2 = Myers Hub .75”
SU = Surge Protection for LED fixtures
W10 = 10-Year Limited Warranty

 Acrylic Ribbed Clear Lens, Impact Resistant
– For E814 / E818 Only
ACRF = Acrylic Ribbed Frosted Lens, Impact Resistant
DACRF = Deep Acrylic Ribbed Frosted Lens, Impact Resistant - For E814 Only
PCRC = Polycarbonate Ribbed Clear Lens – For E812 Only
PCRF = Polycarbonate Ribbed Frosted Lens – For E814 Only

CM = Aircraft Cable Mount
CHM = Chain Hung Mount
PM = Pendant Mount with Stem
– ½” IPS Conduit Stem (12” Length Standard)
– For Other Stem Lengths, Consult Factory
Specify Canopy:
CS = Canopy Static / CSW = Canopy Swivel
*CSW is 45° Hang Straight for Sloped Ceilings

PHT1 = Integral Photocell 120V [req’s CA]
PHT7 = Integral Photocell 277V [req’s CA]
MD = Integral Motion Detector (Microwave / Single Circuit)
Specify “A” for Light Levels: OFF / 100%
Specify “B” for Light Levels: 50% / 100%
Specify “C” for Light Levels: OFF / DIM / 100%
Functions: Motion Sense / Hold Time / Stand-By
Ambient Foot-Candle Control
Specify “D” for Light Levels: DIM / 100%
Functions: Bi-Level / Motion Sense / Hold Time
Specify “E”: Zone Control
MDX = External Motion Detector (Single Circuit)
Specify “A” for Light Levels: OFF / 100%
Specify “B” for Light Levels: 50% / 100%

0-10D = 0-10V Low Voltage LED Dimming
8DIM = LED Dimming Forward Phase (TRIAC)
9DIM = LED Dimming Reverse Phase/Trailing Edge ELV
11DIM = LED Dimming - DALI Driver
12DIM = LED Dimming - Lutron Driver
13DIM = LED Step Dimming
14DIM = LED Dimming: DMX Control
H/L1 = High/Low LED Light Level
– Single AC-Input Feed / Switch Sensor (Required)
H/L2 = High/Low LED Light Level
– Wired for Dual AC Input Feeds

•  No Onsite Emergency (AC / DC) is Provided
•  Must Specify Voltage: 120V / 277V
•  Integral Emergency Battery Options Require
Conduit Adapter (CA Option)
•  E812-S Compatible with REM Options Only
•  Emergency Battery Options Meet California
Energy Commission Title 20 [CEC-400-2014-009-CMF] Efficiency Standands
–Cold Weather Batteries DO NOT meet CEC
•  Cold Weather Emergency Batteries Temp Range:
-20°C thru 50°C

EM4W =
Integral 4 Watt LED
EM8W = Integral 8 Watt LED ?
EM16W = Integral 16 Watt LED ?
EM10W-CW = Integral 10 Watt LED - Cold Weather ?
EM23W-CW = Integral 23 Watt LED - Cold Weather ?
REM4W = Remote 4 Watt LED
REM8W = Remote 8 Watt LED
REM16W = Remote 16 Watt LED
REM10W-CW = Remote 10 Watt LED - Cold Weather
REM23W-CW = Remote 23 Watt LED - Cold Weather