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The High Abuse Mini-Fluorescent Collection
  • Clear or Painted Eyelid Prismatic Lens 
  • Drop Square or Drop Pyramidal Lens Options 
  • ADA Compliant Depth Option Available 
Download:  Zephyr / Zephyr-CA Spec-Sheet
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  Product Specifications:
Backplate: 16 gauge aluminum formed for rigidity.

Driver: [UNV] Universal Voltage 120/277V Electronic Driver is standard.

Gasketing: 1-piece standard die cut .1875" thick black EPDM and/or neoprene rubber.

Ground Wire: Insulate green pre-attached wire.

Hardware: 2 J-BOX screws for indoor mounting.

Light Engine: [LED] Light Emitting Diode.

Lens: Injection molded .125" thick clear prismatic polycarbonate completely enclosed fixture.

Lens Fasteners: 4 stainless steel tamperproof screws to secure lens to backplate.

Mounting Holes: 4 .3125" diameter holes for .25" diameter bolts. Carriage bolts must be used with conduit adapter.

Reflector: 16 gauge aluminum formed for rigidity.

Compliance: Built according to U.S. and Canadian safety standards. Suitable for Wet Locations.

ZE = Zephyr Series ADA Compliant

ZE = 12" Square x 3" Depth (Standard Drop Straight Sides Lens)
ZE-CA = 12½" Square x 5½" Depth (Aluminum Backbox with Drop Straight Sides Lens)
ZE-CA-DT = 12½" Square x 5½" Depth (Aluminum Backbox with Drop Tapered Sides Lens)

  LED Wattages:
ZE Series LED Wattages
LED = 15 Watt

ZE-CA Series LED Wattages
LED = 25 Watt; 40 Watt

ZE-HED-CA Horizontal Eyelid Series Lamps/Wattages
LED = 25 Watt; 40 Watt

  Color Temperature:
AMB = Amber - 585-595 nanometers (Turtle-Safe)
*AMB Color Temp is for LED25 Only
CT3 = +/-3000K LED Color Temp | >80CRI
CT4 = +/-4000K LED Color Temp | >80CRI
CT5 = +/-5000K LED Color Temp | >80CRI
CT65 = +/-6500K LED Color Temp | >80CRI

120 = 120 Volts
277 = 277 Volts
347 = 347 Volts (ZE-CA Only)
UNV = 120~277 Universal Volt Electronic Driver (Must Specify Voltage for EM Option)

0-10 = 0-10V Low Voltage LED Dimming
8DIM = LED Dimming Forward Phase (TRIAC)
CA = 2.5" Aluminum Backbox (Required for EM)
DT = Drop Tapered Sides Diffuser
EM = Emergency Battery (Must Specify Voltage [120V or 277V]; Consult Factory for EM Options)
FUS = Fuse and Fuseholder
FUS2 = Double Fusing
GN = Generator Transfer Device
H/L1 = High/Low LED Light Level
-Single AC-Input feed / Switch Sensor (Required)
H/L2 = High/Low LED Light Level
-Wired for Dual AC Input Feeds
HE = Painted Horizontal Eyelid
MD = Integral Motion Detector (Single Circuit)
-Specify "A" for Steps: 0% - 100% - 0%
-Specify "B" for Steps: xx% - 100% - xx%
-xx% = LOW Level and/or STANDBY Dimmed Levels
Options: 50% / 30% / 20% / 10%
PHTD = Integral Photocell Dual Photocell 120/277V
REM = Remote Emergency Battery (self contained in CA - Must Specify Voltage [120V or 277V]; Consult Factory for REM options)
SU = 10KA Surge Protection for LED Fixtures
TPD = Tamperproof Screwdriver

  Painted Finishes:
BK = Black
BZ = Bronze (Standard)
WHT = White
PA = Painted Aluminum
SV = Silvadillo Gray
CC = Custom Color